Bella Kareema manufactures and sells in bulk various types of towels.
Our towels can be made to order with the characteristics you need, in standard sizes (30×30, 30×50, 70×40, 50×90, 50×90, 50×100, 70×140, 90×150, 100×150, 100×200). We can provide them in finished form or in canvases.

-Hand and foot towels
-Beach towels
-Bath towels
-SPA towels
-Promotional towels


We have great experience in the manufacture and wholesale of bathrobes from 100% cotton yarn of the desired density. We will color the robes in the color you need and make them in standard sizes, or we can make them in the special sizes, which you need.

-Terry bathrobes
-Waffle robes
-Velor bathrobes
-Dressing gowns on special order

Bed linen

Bella Kareema is engaged in the production and wholesale of bed linen for hotels and clinics. Bedding can be made in different sizes and from different fabrics.

In addition, we also produce pillows, blankets and mattress covers from different fabrics and densities for wholesale.

Restaurant textile

We are engaged in the manufacture and wholesale of textiles for restaurants, cafes, hotels and wedding salons from different fabrics and the required size.

-Smooth napkin
-Napkins with a border
-Table linens

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